Is it always you that photographs our wedding?

Yes it’s always myself that photographs your wedding day. All contact from your first enquiry through to picking up your wedding album is directly with me, either directly, via phone or email. I feel it’s a much more personal service than dealing with larger companies.

Occasionally my husband Brad or my assistant Yvie may join me if I have travelled a long distance to your wedding, though I would inform you and check that you are comfortable with this at our final appointment.



How many weddings do you photograph a year?

I average 20 – 30 weddings a year, though I had a very busy year a few years back … I had 46 weddings. Having been in business this year for 20 years I receive a lot of repeat business from bride & grooms other family members or word of mouth from my couples. It’s a fantastic compliment to receive so much of my work because of this.

I now travel to work on my nature and landscape side of my business and hence the choice of less wedding numbers. My weddings always come 1st though as they are the forefront of my business. I also average 50-60 portrait shoots a year.


Is the Wedding  Package I book likely to increase if you change pricing?

When booking with Dianne Watson Photography there are no additional fee’s or surprises on whichever package you choose. Di guarantees that your price will stay the same is even if you book two years in advance. Di believes trust is important in business.

Do you have insurance?

Yes I hold Public Liability Insurance.

What products do you have?

I have a range of different albums from digital designed albums to coffee table books, brag books and parent’s albums. I also offer packages that are a disc only coverage of your wedding day where all images are supplied to you on high resolution DVD with full copyright given to the bride and groom.

Are you flexible with us on our wedding day?

Yes I am, we are there to work together and enjoy your day.

Since starting my business in 1991, I have always had a couple of full coverage packages. These are from the groom’s house till the end of reception when you leave. The timing differs on every wedding and my wedding days vary from 7-15 hour coverage and I don’t charge any different whatever your time schedule. It’s all about telling the whole story of your day.

I have always done this as I feel your day is very structured around time with so many other factors and I’m happy my couples can just relax and know if things aren’t running quite according to plan that “Di isn’t needing to leave as her time is up” , there aren’t many photographers that have unlimited time. Always check their small print to ensure your coverage time is what you are expecting.


I only charge an extra fee if you decide to extend your reception during the reception and that you go over the usual reception time frame. Always ask if there is something extra you would like me to do, whether before the day or “spur of the moment” on the day. I’m always happy to help.

Are we required to supply you a meal at the reception?

Yes I do require a meal, weddings are a long day with lots of work involved and usually there is nowhere close by that you can get a meal. Also I ask if I can sit at a spot on a guests table in case formalities change or some great candid pics come up. For shorter coverage packages where I only photograph the 1st hour of the reception there is no need to supply a meal for me.

Where do we have formal photos taken?

Consider what look you want for your photos … trees, country roads, buildings, river or ocean, vineyards or a stunning garden setting in a park or on a private property are all options. I have a great outdoor studio set up at Wallacia with an old shack, waterfall, old wagons, dam with willows and a small rustic bridge and gardens that supply a lovely backdrop that isn’t too busy or have the chance of people in the distance.

Or perhaps a location with a special meaning to you or the spot where he proposed. I have many suggestions for all over Sydney and the Blue Mountains, and also Wollongong, if you’re stuck for ideas just ask me!


How long is best for formal photos?

I usually suggest 45 minutes to an hour is best if we are in only one location. It means we aren’t rushed and can enjoy the time spent without feeling pressured. We can also have a break in the midst of this time, often when the limos will supply a drink and nibbles for the wedding party.

It can be done in as little as half an hour if need be though be aware there won’t be quite as many photographs as say in that we were spending an hour or more. Sometimes if couples have 90 minutes allocated we can then go to 2 or 3 different locations depending on how close the locations are.


How much time do we need to allow for  photos between ceremony and the reception?

I will sit down and help plan how your wedding day is likely to flow on your 1st meeting. 2 – 3 weeks before your wedding we meet again and finalise times, details, family pics, wedding party names etc.


The itinery for the day will generally flow like this:

  • Grooms House: 30 minutes

  • Brides House: 60 minutes

  • Ceremony: Celebrant Service: 30 minutes

  • Church Service: 45 minutes

  • Full Mass: 60-75 minutes

  • Congratulations after Ceremony: 15 minutes( for approximately 100 guests)

  • Family Shots 15-30 minutes (This can be done at Church, Park or Reception, whichever you prefer)

  • Location/ Formal Shoot: 45 minutes per location if you have a couple and its ideal to have 1-1 ½ hours for the shoot if you choose just one location

Don’t forget to factor in travel time & if you have modern or vintage cars as the travel time will differ.


What if it rains on the day?

I encourage my couples to NOT check the weather forecasts weeks in advance. Weather forecasts are often wrong, and can change two days before a wedding, so don’t put pressure on yourself worrying about it as we cant change it! If it rains on your day, don’t panic, we can work with it and I always have half a dozen bright coloured brollies on hand if the hire cars don’t have enough. They can also make a nice feature throughout some of your photos. Also it doesn’t very often rain continuously and can be raining in one suburb and not the next.


Is it ok for other guests to take photographs during the wedding?

No, I don’t mind at all, occasionally I may ask the guests to wait while I take a certain photo as I need to ensure the whole wedding party is watching me and then I step aside and let the guests take what they want. It’s lovely to have lots of extra photos from the guests as with the digital age the candid photo’s they take are often fantastic.

How long does it take to get my DVD of images and Albums?

I have a 1-2 week turnaround for your images, which is important as your wedding is still fresh and that excitement is there as soon as you get back from their beautiful honeymoons and enjoy re-living you wedding day.

Albums are 2 weeks – 8 weeks on design depending on which album style you choose.

The only exception to this is digital magazine albums which you help me design after seeing your photos. The time on design for these are 6-8 weeks from ordering.

Albums with acrylic covers would be ready 3-4 weeks from your wedding date.

Coffee table books take 4-6 weeks from time of Di receiving your list of images.

Bookbound albums are 4-6 weeks from time of ordering the album.

Do you charge extra for travel?

I live at Wallacia on the outskirts of Penrith. I’m happy to travel to the City, out in the Hawkesbury as far as Wisemans Ferry, over the mountains as far as Lithgow, and to the Illawarra to Shell Harbour at no extra cost.

The Hunter Valley, Mudgee, Orange, and South Coast do have a travel charge that varies. Please contact me if you have any questions. I have photographed weddings in Melbourne, Tasmania, Hamilton Island and Fiji and enjoy travelling to different destinations.

Do I get a disc in high resolution after my wedding day?

Yes you do receive a high resolution DVD with Full Copyright for use of the images.

Do you have Gift Certificates?

Gift certificates are available for your family and friends that might like to give you one as a wedding gift.



What time are you planning to marry?

Light is very important for photography. Be aware that good photography light finishes around half an hour before sunset. Check with me what time sunset is for the time of year that you are marrying. You need to allow time for ceremony, congratulations from guests, and formal photos for 45 mins to an hour before the light fades.


Where would you like to go for formal photographs?

I like my couples to choose the location that they would like to be a main feature of your wedding album. Country … City … Beach ?

Many ideas and locations can be recommended to you by myself. I’m also happy to go and look around for great new locations for formal photos. I have an outdoor studio at Wallacia. Being only 20 minutes from Penrith a lot of couples love that we head out and relax with no other distractions around us.


My outdoor studio incurs no fee to use and has:

  • Old shack and wagons.

  • Waterfall and tropical pool.

  • Dam with a wharf and small rustic bridge.

  • Gardens and willow trees that make a great backdrop.

To view go to www.diannewatsonphotography.ifp3.com and click on Di’s Outdoor Studio Gallery.