Wedding Day Advice

Enjoy planning your wedding day. It can be very stressful with or without any outside interference or just trying to please everyone. This day is for you both to enjoy and please yourselves with what you want even if it means taking a step back and explaining to others that you can’t please everyone!

I’ve compiled a list of helpful hints based on things I have noticed over the years that brides and grooms often overlook.



  • Aim to book a DJ that you meet in person and confirm that he will be the DJ on the day and not an off sider.



  • A “Save The Date” magnet is a great idea 6 months in advance for weekday weddings or if your guests need to travel to a different location than the city/town you live in.

  • Sometimes it’s a good idea to put the ceremony time 15 minutes earlier on the invitations than it actually is to help with latecomers or if people don’t know the location well.

  • Confirm with your church or celebrant when booking venue that they allow flash photography during the ceremony. Get it put in writing on your receipt that it is allowed. Even if they announced to guests that only the professional photographer is the only one to take photos. Some church lighting isn’t so good and can be worse on a cloudy day. Explain to the minister or priest that I respect it’s a ceremony and stay unobtrusive.



  • CARS: a few things to check … will they go on tollways, have etags etc? If hire cars choose not to then we need to allow more travel time during the whole day. This is important to check so the day runs smoothly time wise. We also need to allow extra travel time for vintage cars as they don’t travel as fast as modern cars.

  • Also check that cars air conditioned as this can be a huge impact on how you feel on the day, a 40 degree day which can happen between September  and  March  can be very uncomfortable.

  • SHOES: Brides/bridesmaids wear your shoes around the house for at least 2 hours in the few weeks leading up to the wedding. It lets you know where you may need to put band-aids or if you need cushioning in your shoes. It’s a long day to be uncomfortable in brand new shoes.



  • BOYS! Try on suits when picked up at the suit shop. If all groomsmen aren’t with you then make sure they all try them on the day before the wedding as there’s not a lot of time on a wedding day to rush back to suit shop for alterations.



  • MAKE-UP: Wedding makeup artists often leave the bride till last so her makeup is fresh, I suggest going in the middle of all the girls so if we are a little rushed for time then we can dress and start photographing the bride while bridesmaids are finishing off getting ready.

  • BEWARE: Also I recommend NO GLITTER as these products can produce reflections back when using the flash. Glitter and shimmer on your shoulders can also reflect back

  • REFRESHMENTS: Often a good idea to organise a small esky with mixed drinks as car companies often only offer champagne and the boys may not be too happy with this! I’m happy to grab your esky at the boys photo shoot and have it in my car if it makes it easier for planning.

  • SPEECHES: Often having speeches and cake cutting soon after the main meal means you have more dancing & party time and dessert can be served while dancing is happening.

  • WEATHER: Weather forecasts are often wrong and can change daily, so don’t put pressure on yourself worrying about it as we can’t change it! If it rains on your day, don’t panic, we can work with it and I always have half a dozen bright coloured brollies on hand if the hire cars don’t have enough. They can make a nice feature throughout some of your photos. Remember too, it doesn’t very often rain continuously and can be raining in one suburb and not the next.



If there are a few hiccups in the week leading up to the big day or on the day, try not to stress too much and think about the best and easiest solution and go from there, at the end of it all you will be still married and that’s the most important thing of all!


Don’t try to run your wedding on the day. You’ve planned for months and chosen your professionals wisely, so relax & leave things in our capable hands. I will have all our time schedule on me to keep us on track for what we’ve planned for your day. If during the day you need a hand with anything I am more than happy to help with something extra.


When all is said and done you must have the wedding that makes you happy. After all you will have the memories for the rest of your life. Remember it’s your day. Enjoy every moment!