My nature and landscape photography is my way of “downtime and relaxing in life” when we are holidays or tripping around for a quick weekend away.


It actually makes a lot of work but I wouldn’t have it any other way!


The camera is always close at hand and one day I hope to have every image online that I feel is worthy of my gallery.


We live in a beautiful country with so much beauty & diversity in the land, the wildlife & the people. I especially love the outback and the country. I’m sure I was  a farmer in another life.


The outback … where do I start, it’s a wonderful part of Australia that  a lot of us don’t get to experience. The people you meet in the outback & country are a highlight as well to me, so warm & friendly & full of character. Maybe I should start a journal on each trip to remember when and where we met and what I learnt from each person that crossed my path in a special way.


“Life is too short not to be enjoying every moment.”


Live well, Laugh often, Love much